Peter J. Oomes – Antiekrestaurateur

With the old logo everything was unclear and not easy to show and use. So he needed a new and simplified logo. After some tests and a sketch this was the result. A happy customer and a great logo that fits his occupation.

I created a banner for the website, a icon and business cards and printing paper for his invoices.

Backside off the businesscard

Peter Oomes has been working with antiques since he was seventeen. He was interested in the colours, shapes and materials of antique furniture. He was apprenticed to an antique restorer in Deventer, where he quickly mastered the trade of antique restorer. Now; about 40 years later, Peter Oomes has his own antique restoration studio in Soest and has made a name for himself with restorations of antiques throughout the region and far beyond.

Check the website of Peter J. Oomes the antique restorer with the real skills to repair you antique.